We all know someone; family or personal well-being who has a special needs matter and/or mental health disorders. Whether it is a close friend, family member or our own well-being, at times we feel as if there is a lack of support, understanding, and ways out of dealing with certain life changing events. In reality, the goal is to learn to accept and manage these matters in a way that everyone is comfortable and considerate.

I am an individual who has been coping with managing depression for several years. Once my depression is triggered, I have to manage and work with and through it. You cannot look at someone and tell what barriers they are battling with. We as a people must understand that barriers are obstacles that we all face; however we must figure out how to successfully overcome them and keep progressing towards our dreams.

As a single mother, an autism mom, entrepreneur and humanitarian, I find it sometimes hard to accomplish my own personal goals and visions in a timely fashion. If I told you, I received the thought of Nurturing Weapons And Dreams (NWAD) in the later part of 2017, would you really believe me? I hope so, because I never gave up, I took baby steps yearly and focused on my dream when I really could. NWAD’s time is now!

Nurturing Weapons And Dreams (NWAD) LLC, which is DAWN spelled backwards was created to be a silent, but visual reminder that all types of people in the world need support, compassion and consideration. For example, we can nurture people with our positive human weapons; through constructive words of encouragement, a simple touch of love with a hug, an ear to listen to understand and a willpower to NOT give up. Each time you see and/or wear NWAD apparel, I want you to think back to how Dawn, you and/ or someone you know, never gave up and accomplished their dreams and made them into a reality!

Thank you for supporting my vision, passion, purpose, dream and company. Now let’s spread awareness around the globe, conquer our dreams and promote someone else to tackle theirs!

Please feel free to share your story and dreams for myself and others to read.

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Indianapolis, IN 46218