Stand out and Scale Big with Menu Boards That Make Every Experience Memorable

Easy, efficient, and memorable experiences turn one-time customers into loyal fans, and it all starts with engaging digital displays by WAND.

Scale Your Business with Digital Signage That Informs and Captivates

Scaling Starts with Loyalty

Customer loyalty is earned with good food and great experiences. Digital menus are the cost-efficient tactic that empowers you to promote timely deals, updates, and branded experiences that give people a reason to pick your restaurant over any other. 

Drive Traffic from Food Court
to Roadway 

No matter where your customer traffic is coming from, WAND Digital has the dynamic solution for your store and customers. Catch the eye of passersby in the food court or on the road with vibrant displays that show just how irresistible your menu really is. 

Watch Average Order Size Boom 

When customers have a tempting deal animated in front of them at just the right time, their total order suddenly grows. Use dynamic video menus to bring your best menu items to life and watch sales soar. 

Draw and Keep Attention

Subtle movements or well-timed promotional takeovers can draw customers’ attention to the most highly profitable areas of the menu and educate your customers about promotional or new menu items.

Make every experience engaging
and memorable.

A woman with dark hair pulled back into a ponytail, a white turtleneck, and a gray apron smiles as she operates a point-of-sale screen.
A woman with dark hair, a white turtleneck, and a gray apron smiles while standing in front of a turquoise door.

Digital Solutions for Your Restaurant

Enhance Brand Experiences from Menu Boards to In-store Signage

Digital displays brings your brand to life and help every customer fall in love. See how to hit your marketing goals with solutions as unique as your brand. 

Never Miss a Beat with Easy Updates and
No-fuss Displays 

One of the biggest hurdles to updated experiences is reliable tech. Learn how WAND Digital ensures trusty hardware, software, and everything in-between. 

Set Your Store Apart from Competitors

Don’t let your QSR or fast-casual restaurant get lost in a crowd. Use dynamic video menus and signs to drive home your brand and offerings.

Showcase Your Brand and Menu

Marketing has never been simpler with award-winning design, clever animations, and immersive experiences that highlight your brand.

Tech That Works with You in Mind

Untangle the mess of hardware and struggle of software. WAND Digital has the solutions that make tech hassle-free for everyone.

See how WAND works with your goals.

A man with a long red braided beard and wearing an apron stands to the left of a smiling person wearing a white t-shirt.

Scaling Your Company Starts with WAND

Stand out, increase sales, and create a customer experience that scales your business when you team with WAND.