The Evolution of Digital Displays Starts with WAND

Tap into the power and ease of WAND’s innovative digital displays that evolve and enhance experiences to meet expectations of today’s consumers.

Never Miss a Beat with Easy
No-code, No-fuss Displays

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Streamline Updates
Across Locations

Static menus are tedious and time-consuming, especially when more than one location is impacted. With WAND, you can swiftly and seamlessly update all your displays across locations so your menus are always operating with maximum impact.

Support Is Always Standing By 

Glitches, outages, and outdated systems could cost hundreds to thousands in lost sales—not to mention a tarnished reputation. Dodge technical difficulties with WAND’s 24/7/365 support team ready to repair or replace at a moment’s notice. 

Integrate All Your Tech

Don’t worry about disparate screens and experiences from your menu to your POS and beyond. WAND’s digital ecosystem ensures a seamless experience across every customer touchpoint.

Stay Efficient and Effective with IT

The best digital menu displays also offer easy-to-use solutions that don’t require an entire IT crew. WAND delivers the latest strategies and best practices without the fuss of complex IT.

Watch how tech can help you grow.

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Better Tech Is Just The Beginning

Enhance Experiences from Menu Board to

In-store Signage

Digital displays bring your brand to life and help every customer fall in love. See how to hit your marketing goals with solutions as unique as your brand.

Scale Your Business with Digital Signage That Informs and Captivates

Whether you’re just getting started or have been in the biz for a while, there’s always room to grow and scale your business.

Turn New Customers into Lifelong Fans

Growing your business means turning one-time customers into lifelong fans. Earn loyalty with easy and engaging experiences.

Differentiate from Top Competitors

Don’t let your restaurant get lost in a crowd. Use dynamic digital menus and signage to drive home your brand and offerings.

Get Peace of Mind with Every Sign

WAND’s 24/7 commitment to service and support means you can rest assured that your goals are in good hands.

See how WAND works with your goals.